If you're a passionate home cook who'd love to get paid to cook

but you don't have big bucks $$$ to spend on culinary school

or the desire to sacrifice all your nights and weekends slaving away in a restaurant for $12 an hour...


...keep scrolling, you're going to want to see this...

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Dial in the 3 key things

that all successful Personal Chefs know

( and home cooks don't ).

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Get it now for just $24   ( a $49 dollar value )

Yes Chef!

When I wanted to start, I didn't have $$$ for culinary school and I sure as heck didn't want to waste all my nights and weekends working at some mediocre restaurant for $12 an hour (which is where culinary school gets most people.)

Maybe you've felt the same...

  • You've always wanted to go culinary school, but who has the money?
  • You'd love to be a chef, but there's no way that would work with your family commitments.
  • Everyone loves your food, you get praised constantly, yet a little voice tells you people wouldn't pay you to cook.
  • Maybe you've even done some catering jobs but you're not sure how to make it into a business making regular money.


    I get it, I've been there too!

I finally got to the point where I was ready to get serious about it.

To take the leap and have a business I could be passionate about.

So I scoured the internet, bought an old book that was out of print, looked into correspondence school (yes I'm THAT old haha!), joined a national professional association, tried to make big catering resources work for a home cook.

It was definitely work figuring it all out, but now...

after years and years of actually doing the work of a personal chef, I get it.

  • Personal chefs get paid to do what we love; cook.
  • You have the confidence to cook for multiple clients. 
  • We get to cook regularly. Heck, some of the clients I have now I’ve had since almost the very beginning when I was just starting 14 years ago!
  • You set your own schedule around your personal life, family, vacations etc.
  • You make good money. Not to be crass, but it’s really good money.

Now, I know what you might be thinking...

getting paid to do what you love and cook sounds like a dream come true but you have no idea where to start.


Well let me introduce you to...

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So if you want to transform your passion for cooking into a spectacular personal chef business, but you just don't know where to start you'll love this training.

Quickly and confidently dial in the foundation of your new personal chef business so you can start getting paid to do what you love.

More than worksheets...

This Personal Chef Quick Start Mini Course includes accompanying videos with tips and advice from years of experience, to help you get started right and avoid pitfalls and mistakes.

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You'll dive deep into these three core areas that form the foundation of your successful Personal Chef biz:

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Nail Your Niche

Dialing in your specialty will help you attract the perfect clients who will love you and love your food.


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Develop Your Recipe Library

Having a solid foundation of your best recipes is key to your success!


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Master Your Menus

Creating menus will give you the perfect thing to show prospective clients, whether that's on your website, Facebook page, or in printed materials.

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Get it now for just $24   ( a $49 dollar value )

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Oh and there are bonuses too...

Cook Like a Personal Chef

Cook better and faster with this comprehensive guide. It's chock full of tips, tricks, and techniques that personal chefs use in the kitchen every day. Learn how to cook multiple meals at the same time with these tried and true chef techniques.

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2020 Personal Chef Income Report

Don't have any idea what to charge? This meticulously detailed report shows what dozens of personal chefs around the country are charging. It will save you tons of time trying to google around on your own, and let you get back to the kitchen where you belong.

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You're not meant to join this program if you aren't a solid cook.

Don't get me wrong, we're all learning and growing, but if you don't have solid cooking chops (i.e. people rave about your cooking) then this isn't a good fit yet.

But you don't need culinary school or years of restaurant experience! Just bring your passion for cooking and your drive to want to make it work for you, and let me - an experienced personal chef of 14 years help you.

You bring the first two and I'll give you the rest!

There's nothing more amazing than being your own boss and getting paid to do something that you absolutely totally love to do!

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Get it now for just $24   ( a $49 dollar value )

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